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Dr. Amul and Dr. Mrs.Anita Kothare have been my family doctors for the past ten years. Last year I had developed a ganglion on my left hand at the joint of my wrist, which kept on increasing day by day.

I suffered immense pain on account of the same and had therefore consulted an Orthopaedic surgeon who explained that the same was on account of a dent formed in the tissues running through that part of the body which resulted in the formation of some kind of fluid in the dent so formed.
I underwent two minor surgeries wherein the doctor tried injecting a medicine in the cavity so formed for preventing the formation of the fluid. However the efforts proved to be futile. I then started taking homeopathic powders and pills prescribed by Dr. Kothare and the ganglion disappeared within a month and the same has not developed again till date!

Similarly I suffered from allergic cold and cough wherein I couldn't withstand very cold temperature, dust, perfume, fibre and pollen and used to suffer from cold attacks frequently on account of the same. My homeopathic doctors assured that my problem would be cured within 6 months of regular medication. I followed their prescription meticulously for 6 months and it has indeed helped me live a healthier life now!

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