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Is exercising at home as good as gymming ?

With exercise bands and tubes, you can work on all major muscle groups and burn calories just as you do in a gym.

How much time should one exercise ?

  • To gain maximum benefits, we need to do 3 days of Aerobic exercise and 3 days of Anaerobic exercise.
  • The duration of aerobic training should be approximately 40-50 mins. The duration of tubing exercise should be approximately 1hr.

Is stretching exercise important before and after tubing exercise ?

YES. Stretching is important before and after exercise. It is important because it improves flexibility and range of motion (ROM). As body ages, the muscles become tighter and ROM decreases. Lack of flexibility can cause movement to become slower making the person prone to injuries.
Spending 5-6 minutes before and 8-12 minutes after the exercise can help you to calm the mind and recharge your body.

When to eat and what to eat before and after exercise ?

Eating and exercise go hand in hand. Eating right can energise your workout.
If you want to exercise early in the morning, you should have your breakfast 1 hour early, because your blood sugar levels might be low in the morning.
It is ideal to eat something light.

During exercise have plenty of liquids as it helps in cooling your body and saves you from dehydration.

Eat after you exercise because your muscles need to recover from the wear and tear incurred from exercising. You should eat within 30 minutes of exercise because that's when your body is most able to use these nutrients.

How does exercise with tubing help in DIABETES MELLITUS ?

Sugar is the primary source of energy in exercise. By regular exercise, it will be used up for obtaining energy, as excess of sugar if not utilized will be converted into fat. In this way it helps in lowering blood sugar levels.

Do females become muscular and bulky after exercising ?

NO. Many females have the fear of developing bulging muscles. This is a MISPERCEPTION. In females, high levels of oestrogen hormones make it very difficult for females to become overly muscular. When females exercise with bands or tubes, their muscles get toned up and strengthened, making them look firm and toned.

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