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First Interview
Computerized Case Analysis
Instructions about Medicines

First Interview

The science of homeopathy believes in 'Individualization'. The medicines are not chosen on the basis of illness you have, but on the basis of individualizing symptoms. Two persons having the same illness like 'arthritis' will not receive the same medicine because they are two unique individuals having a peculiar mental state, likes and dislikes, personal habits, life style, family background etc. Therefore in order to understand these details the first interview is very important.

  • Every new patient is seen only with a prior appointment.
  • A separate time is allotted to patients coming for the first interview as we need undivided attention
  • The interview time could be anything between 1- 2 hours.
  • All interviews [new case and follow-ups] are video recorded and cases photographed for study, patient awareness and academic purpose.
  • Kindly describe your complaints in detail; express about yourself freely and without any hesitation
  • Information provided by you will remain confidential

Computerized Case Analysis

Computers and softwares hold an important place in the field of homeopathy as it is with other streams

  • After the interview, cases are analyzed with the help of homeopathic softwares.
  • We use some of the most efficient and updated softwares in homeopathy- Vital Quest, KHA, Radar, and Hompath
  • The use of software minimizes the time taken for case analysis and also helps in future study and research.

Instructions about Medicines

Kindly follow these guidelines when you are taking homeopathic treatment

  • Avoid taking the medicines in your hand; take it in the bottle cap
  • Do not eat or drink anything 5-10 minutes before and after taking the medicines
  • There is no need to avoid garlic, onion, coffee while taking homeopathic treatment as is the common belief
  • Avoid application of any balms, medicated ointments, creams, oils, shampoos etc when under homeopathic treatment
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