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The 'Homeopathic Kit' includes few homeopathic medicines that can be used for common ailments in the form of 'First -aid'

Advantages of the kit

  • When you are suffering and you can't see us immediately, you can give us a call and consume the advised medicine from the kit till the time you see us in person. This ensures that you can get relieved of your complaints until you visit us.
  • Many a times, one may need a doctor's help on a holiday. You can be rest assured that this kit would spare you of running helter-skelter in search of homeopathic medicines, which is common as there are very few homeopathic pharmacies and at times, you may not find one in your area.
  • You can also seek our advice for any of your family members (who may not be our patient) if they suffer from some acute complaints . E.g. If someone suddenly develops vomiting and loose motions, you can give the details of the presenting complaints to us on phone and give a medicine as suggested by us.
  • You can carry this kit while you are traveling and get telephonic advice if you have any problem when away.


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