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We, at Wellness Aspects adopt an integrated approach in treating illnesses by combining various therapeutic tools (Homeopathy, Diet Management, Fitness advice, Life Style modification) so that people experience better health. 

 A female aged 46 years diagnosed with 'Hypothyroidism'.

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TSH During Treatment- 6-8-12: jk2_6_8_12.gif - 42.08 kb

TSH After Treatment- 8-2-13: jk1_20_1_12.gif - 42.08 kb

In early 2015, I started experiencing severe pain in my left heel. The pain was so severe that I could barely walk. I struggled to walk every time, especially after waking in morning or moving after few hours of inactivity. I had to stop my daily gymnasium routine as could not do most of the exercises.

The problem in my heel was related to the bone growing inside that was causing pain. I consulted an allopathic physician, but there was no improvement in spite of taking the course of treatment for 6 months

Dr. Amul and Dr. Mrs.Anita Kothare have been my family doctors for the past ten years. Last year I had developed a ganglion on my left hand at the joint of my wrist, which kept on increasing day by day.

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