Exercise Tubing

Exercise Tubing


Exercise tubings are elastic tubes with handles with different thickness.
Today's life has become too inactive due to labour saving devices. So our muscles are not very active. We don't climb stairs, we don't wash clothes or vessels, we don't broom our house. This all lead us to physical inactivity and illness.

Uses of Exercise Tubings

  • Exercise tubing helps in muscle building -By using band tightly and doing slow repetitions it helps in muscle building.
  • Cardio workouts- By using little resistance helps to create cardio workouts without muscle fatigue.
  • Muscular endurance- Decreasing resistance and increasing repetitions helps muscular endurance.

Advantages of Exercise Tubings

  • Light on pocket as they are inexpensive.
  • Multiple exercises can be done with one band.
  • Portable.
  • Does not injure you or damage the floor if dropped.
  • Stored easily.

Disadvantages of Exercise Tubings

  • The band loses elasticity in long run.
  • If run against sharp objects it may tear.
Wellness Aspects