Calcaneal Spur

Case Summary

A lady, aged 34 years, consulted us for the treatment of her intolerable left heel pain after trying all other means to allay her suffering. She reported that she had the pain since a year but as it was bearable, she did not pay much heed to it and kept taking some painkillers, which did offer her some transient relief. But now the pain had gradually increased and become so excruciating that she had to take some serious measures to get herself treated. Her husband, who is an physician confirmed that she had 'calcaneal spur' and suggested that the only option was to resort to cortisone injections locally, since most of the painkillers only allayed her pain temporarily. She was unwilling to subject herself to this and so her husband recommended her to try homeopathy for some time.

When we saw her for the first time, she told that she was unable to walk over 10 minutes without the agonizing, piercing pain, whereas earlier she could walk for an hour without any discomfort. Standing for a long time (over ½ an hour) caused swelling of ankles and worsened the heel pain. She could no longer work continuously; she would feel better if she rested for some time and then continued her work. The pain would be terrible when she put her foot on the ground for the first time on waking or after a period of rest and would be slightly better if she used a padded foot wear.

After assessing the details of her case she was given a homeopathic remedy.

Follow Up:

Two Months
Her left heel pain showed remarkable improvement; she was now able to walk comfortably and had 2-3 episodes of very mild pain only after she exercised for long. As she was relatively pain-free, she was asked to discontinue the treatment if the pain did not recur.

Eighth Months
She saw us again for the same complaint , but this time it was her right heel that troubled her. She informed us that she was perfectly fine all this time till recently when she experienced a similar kind of pain. The pain in her right heel began since the past week but was not as severe as her left heel pain although. Once more, she was put under homeopathic medication.

Two Weeks

There was an immediate relief in her pain but this time she was asked to continue for some more duration.

Two Months
She reported that she had no pain at all and hence was asked to stop our medication. She continues to do well even now and has long forgotten her agonizing pains.

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