Meniere's Disease

Case Summary

Mrs. A.S aged 31, a school teacher came to us for the treatment of Meniere's disease, which she was suffering since 4 months. She experienced severe vertigo for the first time which was accompanied with acute earache and vomiting. She was misdiagnosed at that time as having 'cervical spondylosis' but after 2-3 such episodes, she decided to consult an E.N.T who diagnosed her as suffering from 'Meniere's disease'.

Before the attack, her eyes would become so heavy that they would close on their own, but closing the eyes would make her feel even sicker.

During the attack, she experienced acute ear pain that came suddenly, lasted for 15-20 minutes and subsided on its own. Along with the pain, she would have spells of giddiness (spinning) and a constant feeling of nausea which would last for hours. The vertigo was so severe that she couldn't bear any movements and noise (even the sound of footsteps was felt like loud stamping at that time), as it would worsen the spell many times more. In addition to this, she also could not bear to be talked to or being touched, which would cause a lot of irritation in her.

Her attacks were more in the absence of her husband when she had to handle too many responsibilities single-handedly. She was doubtful whether she would be able to carry out her duties properly. Being alone was scary for her and her husband's presence made her feel quite protected and secured. Her dreams (subconscious expression) too conveyed similar fears and anxieties.

After a complete study of the details of her case, she was asked to discontinue Tab. Vertin that she was taking thrice daily and all the other medication, and was put on the homeopathic medicines.


One Month

The ear pain had reduced substantially. There had been 2-3 mild episodes of pain and 1 minor attack of giddiness. She felt that the improvement was significant, bearing in mind that she was off all the other medications and also considering the hectic schedule that she had in the past 1 month.

Two Months

She experienced a very mild attack of giddiness and suffered from the ear pain only infrequently.

Five Months

There had been no attacks of giddiness or earache. Her anxieties had reduced and she could cope up with her chores in a more relaxed manner.

She was asked to discontinue treatment after being assured of her overall (physical and mental) improvement. She continued to do well for 8 months, when she retuned with the same complaint once again, although it was not as severe as before.

Three Weeks

During that time, too many things had to be done in very little time. She had guests at her place for whom she needed to keep everything (breakfast, lunch and snacks) ready before she left for school in the morning. In addition to that, there was a concert practice in school to which she had to devote extra time over and above her normal work duties. All these things created a lot of stress in her and her vertigo started once again. She was given the same homeopathic medicine to which she had responded exceedingly well in the past.

Two Months

She reported that she was completely free of the vertigo immediately on starting the treatment. There were no more recurrences of her complaints.

She continues to do well and had no reappearance of her symptoms ever since.


Wellness Aspects