Renal/Kidney Stone

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Case-1 Summary

Patient aged 37years came to us with complaint of pain in right renal angle . Sonography revealed 0.5 cm. calculus in the lower third of right kidney. He had history of left ureteric calculi with hydroureteronephrosis owing to 0.8cm in the left vesicoureteric junction and 1cm calculi a little proximal to it, for which he underwent lithotomy a week ago. The above mentioned 0.5 cm. calculus was left unoperated and was scheduled for surgery at a later date. The patient was reluctant to undergo another surgery and hence sought homeopathic treatment for the same.
After homeopathic treatment, the pain episodes subsided within a short time, and a repeat sonography done after 7 months showed no calculus.

USG report before treatment

USG report after treatment

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Case-2 Summary

A lady aged 46 years came on 28/2/2006 with the complaint of kidney stone since 2-3 years.

Her sonography impression was: ' A lower pole calculus measuring 3.8mm in left kidney is noted'

She complained periodically of pain in the left flank (renal angle) and had difficulty while passing urine. The pain was felt like a catch and when very intense she suffered from vomiting and loose motions.

While inquiring about any stress in her life we understood that she had some concern about financial matters and felt whether their resources would suffice till the end of her life. In the past she was also tensed when their house was demolished and reconstructed. She felt if the builder fails to keep his promise her family would be homeless.

On the basis of her complaints and mental make up she was given a homeopathic remedy 'Calc-renalis' .

Follow Up

She started improving quite well under the treatment. There were few episodes of mild pain which got better without any pain killers.


Severe pain in the flank and urethra while passing urine. As the pain was intense she was asked to take the homeopathic medicines diluted in water and taken frequently. She reported that the pain was better after the medicine was taken as instructed

Few of her such episodes were taken care by administrating the medicine in this fashion and she continued the treatment quite regularly.


She reported that she passed a stone the previous week. As she did not preserve the stone no chemical analysis could be made. Neverthless she felt immense relief after that.


Homeopathy can offer a effective treatment in kidney stones/renal calculi; but its efficacy depends on many factors like the size, type, position etc. of the stone in urinary tract.

*The homeopathic remedy has been prescribed after a detailed case-study and should not be taken without consulting a homeopathic physician.

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