Case Summary

A lady aged 44 came to us in February 1998 for treatment of her 'migraine' from which she suffered for about 5 years or so. She complained of getting right-sided headaches usually. Her headaches would begin at the nape of neck and ascend up the occiput to finally settle on the forehead. Since the past 1 ½ years, the attacks had increased in severity and would finally culminate in vomiting. Exposure to sun and fasting would surely bring on her migraine and she would only find relief after she vomited several times. She could not delay her meals even by an hour without having an attack of migraine. Also, she would land up with a headache whenever she traveled because of irregular food habit. During the course of her headache, she would get worse by noise and light and would prefer to sleep in a quite room.

She was given homeopathic medicine on 24-2-98.

Follow Up

She reported that she could now fast for the first time in the past 5 years without having a headache. Being out in the sun was also not so much of a problem as she never got migraine off late.

She continued to feel much better except for a solitary episode of mild headache, which she developed because of consecutive late nights for 2-3 days. To her great delight, she was able to travel like any other normal person without getting a headache.

She discontinued treatment for some duration, as she was completely better and returned on 2-6-2001 when she once again experienced 2 episodes of migraine. She was given homeopathic medicine yet again to which she responded as speedily as earlier.

She continued to be well ever since till her last follow up with us on 5-1-2002, after which she was asked to discontinue treatment.

Wellness Aspects