Erosive Oesophagitis & Chronic Duodenitis

Case Summary

On 29/09/03, a 55 yr. old male wanted treatment for severe acidity that he suffered from. On waking in the morning, he had tremendous uneasy feeling particularly in his head accompanying the acidity. It would get worse after meals and while travelling. Appetite had reduced and he was losing weight gradually. Endoscopy revealed that the lower oesophageal sphincter was lax; there were changes of erosive oesophagitis, antral & corporal gastritis, and chronic duodenitis too.

The pateint described this discomfort as a tremendous sense of pressure over his head which gave rise to attacks of giddiness and fear. This upward rising pressure in the head was so intense that it gave him a sensation as if his head could burst anytime. Despite following a very simple diet and regularly taking the prescribed conventional medication, he had no relief .As a result of this, he wasn't able to concentrate on his work. Being very committed, hard-working and responsible, this lack of attention affected him immensely. He headed a unit and was constantly pressurised by the management to perform at the maximum capacity; hence he in turn would pressurise his juniors to get the work done by them in time. In face of problems, he would analyse the situation by doing brain-storming and then categorically plan strategies to solve it. His aim was to work under pressure and yet perform consistently. He felt that one should have the guts and will-power to sustain the pressure and fight back to show one's capability.

On the basis of the above history, he was prescribed a homeopathic medicine.



There was 30% improvement in his acidity.


Improvement was considerable. For the first time, he had the sensation of hunger. He no longer would get scared to have his meals as there was nodiscomfort following it.


He continued to feel much better with only sporadic episodes of acidity which was far less in intensity than before.


There is no acidity at all. That pressure like sensation that he complained of has completely disappeared and his appetite is come back to normal. He continues to feel fine in this complaint. 



Wellness Aspects