Case Summary

Mr. K aged 41 years was suffering from 'Hypertension' (high blood pressure) since few years and came to us for homeopathic treatment for same. His blood pressure remained in the range of 148-154/94-100 most of the times. The other complaint was frequent 'headaches' which were not related to his blood pressure.

After understanding the main problems, he was asked to describe his mental state (important to prescribe a remedy) and to express if there was any tension or stress that he was undergoing.
While describing his state of mind he said that he was a shy person, had 'inferiority complex' and felt incapable of handling and managing things. He experienced lot of stress particularly if he had to talk to people in a group or at a social gathering etc. This was his state right since childhood.

A thorough understanding about him and his complaints led us to prescribe a homeopathic remedy 'Baryta-Phos' and he was asked to follow-up regularly.

Follow Up

One Month

Blood pressure- 140/96

At this point the potency of the medicine was increased.

Three Months

Blood pressure- 130/80
His headaches too were much better

There was a remarkable improvement in his mental state too. He said that now he could talk to people quite freely without feeling any stress; did not feel shy if he had to speak in a group of people and felt comfortable in such situations.


In homeopathy, the remedy is not chosen on the basis of disease name like hypertension, diabetes and so on but is selected according to the individual's mental state and perception of stressful situations in life which precipitate diseases. In the above case, patient perceived himself to be inferior to others and found it stressful to communicate in a group. The remedy changed this very perception which helped him to speak with people without stress.

*The homeopathic remedy has been prescribed after a detailed case-study and should not be taken without consulting a homeopathic physician

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