Case Summary

A young girl, 22 years of age, came for treatment in June'2005 with complaints of painful and blood-streaked stools since few months. She had to strain while passing stools which were hard and painful. The pain was very unbearable; sharp, pricking and stinging. She use to take some laxatives for relieving the hard stools.

After studying other details of her case, she was prescribed a homeopathy remedy.

Follow Up

The pain was alleviated within 15 days of starting the treatment and within a month the bleeding stopped too.


As she continued to feel better she was asked to discontinue her laxatives.


Due to some stress and strain, there was a recurrence of the problem but in milder intensity. Hence the frequency of the dosages were increased after which she did quite well.

After a couple of months she had no more relapse of the complaint and therefore was advised to discontinue the treatment.

Wellness Aspects