Case Summary

A 19 year old girl came on 17/6/08 for the treatment of severe urticaria that she suffered since childhood (from the age of 9 years ). She would develop extensive hives that would last for many hours and would not be relieved even with anti-allergic drugs prescribed by her physician. Her entire body would break ino hives and become fiery red, swollen and itchy. It would get particularly worse at night and on waking in the morning. As a result of this, her face and eyes would be puffed up on waking. She was unable to wear tight clothing as she would immediately get urticaria at those sites where the clothes fitted her snugly.

In the course of the interview, she spoke that she was quite an outspoken person. Being extremely intolerant to injustice, she would retaliate immediately against it. If she knew she was right, she has to speak up and fight for it. Her anger used to be violent as a child but now had subdued.

After taking into consideration, her physical and mental make-up, she was prescribed a suitable homoepathic remedy.



There was 40% improvement in her hives. She would still get urtcarial rash on the body, however, there was a considerable reduction in the intesity of the complaint on her face.


There were variations in the appearance of her complaint. Most of the days she wouldn't have the rash at all but it would make a sporadic appearance on some days, although the intensity of it would be very low.


Patient felt much better than before. She said that she was 70% better.


Her urticaria improved further with only a few episodic spells very occasionally

Wellness Aspects