Case Summary

Mr. R.J, aged 43 years came to us with the complaint of severe rash on upper parts of the body from which he was suffering for 2 months. It was diagnosed by the dermatologist as 'photodermatitis'. He had developed a kind of sensitivity to sun whereby any exposure to sun caused severe rash on exposed parts. Hence he was advised to stay away from sun as far as possible or use some sun-screen lotion whenever he went in the sun. The patient informed us that he had tried all sorts of medicines and applications, which did give him some temporary relief but he didn't want to continue with those medications for a long time and therefore wanted homeopathic treatment for a permanent solution to his problem.

He told us that the rash is more pronounced on exposed parts of the body like neck, ears, face, upper chest, forearm and hands. The affected parts become very red and are extremely hot to touch. There is severe uncontrollable itching, particularly at night, which disturbed his sleep. Cool application (talcum powder, water or ice) would relieve him transiently. His complexion had darkened as a result of these rashes but the main cause of his worry was that it was spreading.

After a detailed history about his physical problems, we inquired about his mental state which is very important to understand in Homeopathy. To this he promptly revealed about the serious stress at work place that he was going through in the past few months. The targets set were steep and beyond the reach of any person. There was tremendous pressure to achieve them but owing to his over-committed nature, he had always been able to accomplish them. He had to motivate his subordinates and get the work done from them because if this was not done, the output would suffer and he would be finally held responsible for the failure of the given project. He was working under extreme pressure conditions.

Once this detailed history was available, he was prescribed a homeopathic remedy.

Follow Up

Two Months

There was no further spread of lesions. His itching showed a tremendous improvement. Although by and large the rash had faded, he would still burst into a mild rash in few spots when he ventured out in sun but the area affected had considerably reduced and the itching too was not as unbearable as before. Therefore he could now stay out in the sun even for a long time. He mentioned that he was less stressed at the work front and was feeling relaxed.

Six Months

He was much better than before and only had a rash when he had been out in a dry and hot place for long. The severity and frequency of his complaint had shown a remarkable decline. He no longer had to wear a full sleeve shirt all the time to cover his hands from sun.

Nine Months

No rashes anymore and is now able to go out in the sun without any fear of developing them

Wellness Aspects