Verrucca Plana

Case Summary

A male aged 25 years sought treatment for the multiple flat warts that he had since the past 4-5 years. They were primarily on his face with a few on his left hand. He had applied salicylic acid in the past only to find that the warts multiplied even further. After finding no relief of any kind with the conventional treatment, he was in search of an appropriate treatment for this uncommon variety of warts.

When we saw him for the first time, his forehead, temples and the front portion of his scalp was covered with multiple flat warts. He was unable to shave because the entire beard area too bore many similar warts. A detailed history revealed that his childhood and adolescence had been stressful because of economic problems.

After investigating his complaint as well as his life situation, he was given a suitable homoeopathic remedy.


Two Months

There was no improvement in his warts whatsoever. The potecy of the homoeopathic medicine was raised.

Three Months

No perceptible change was observed. The case was reviewed again and the medicine was changed.

Four Months

Much to the patien't surprise, all the warts disappeared within 15 days of the last prescribed medicine. Since his skin was completely clear of all warts, he was advised to stop medication.


Wellness Aspects