Panic Attacks

Case Summary

A 48 yr. female consulted us for 'panic attacks' which she suffered from since quite some time. These spells of fear and anxiety would be accompanied by severe palpitations and result in sleeplessness. She conveyed that she felt weighed down by the responsibilities at her work. She also informed that it was she who would take up these responsibilities and would then fear that she would be a failure in fulfilling them; this would cause her to panic. The pressure of meeting the deadlines at her work place too would leave her nervous and anxious. These stresses would wake her up in the middle of the night with palpitations and terror.

Her mental make-up prompted the prescription of the homeopathic medicine 'Osmium'


One Month

Palpitations had stopped completely. She said that started feeling 'normal'. She no longer has those panic attacks and slept well too.

Three Months

No spells of panic any more. She was able to go ahead with her responsibilities with ease.

Four Months

She continues to feel better and takes medicine for some other complaint that she has.

*The homeopathic remedy has been prescribed after a detailed case-study and should not be taken without consulting a homeopathic physician.

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