Case Summary

On 20/10/08, a 58 yr. old Medical Doctor sought help for his suicidal depression that had creeped into his life for the past 2-3 months. He complained that he wasn't able to concentrate on his work/patients and had started becoming very forgetful. Nothing interested him as before. He wouldn't read news paper or watch television etc with interest anymore. However, he described that his main concern centered around his financial status. His depression began from the time his son, who is also an allopathic doctor, decided to leave his job which fetched him a fixed income and decided to venture into an independent medical practice for which the latter had taken some loan. This involved a considerable amount of money investment which made him anxious. His anxiety was that if all this money is not recovered, they would be in a miserable condition in future. Besides, the lack of concentration in his patients was another area of concern as it meant that his medical practice would decline and this in turn would again make it impossible for him to repay the loan. He had become so negative and pessimistic about almost everything that involved money. His sleep too had been affected and he slept only till 2-3 A.M. daily after which he would remain sleepless till dawn. His son got it to our notice that his father's anxiety was baseless as they were financially well-off and he was capable of repaying the loan that he had taken. But no amounting of reasoning could relieve his father's anguish.
After understanding his mental state he was given a homeopathic remedy to which he responded very well.



There was a 20% improvement in him. He had started doing things that would interest him in the past like making things out of waste etc. He regained his appetite and could concentrate in his work much better. However, he still advised his son to consider continuing with his job for safety.


He improved substantially (about 70-80%). His appetite and sleep were much better. A feeling of well-being pervaded and he no longer had suicidal thoughts as before. More so, his anxiety of money too had drastically reduced.


He no longer felt depressed. He keenly attended to his work now. His speech was filled with renewed enthusiasm and felt that the loan that his son had taken could be easily managed.He was now ready too accept difficult challenges without any fear or anxiety.

Wellness Aspects