Herpes Zoster

Case Summary

A male aged 29 years was suffering from 'herpes zoster' on the chest. He took medicines from his physician who prescribed 'acyclovir'. He took the medicines for a couple of days but did not feel better and his complaints started giving him a lot of trouble.
There was severe burning and unbearable pain. One of his friend suggested him to try homeopathy and hence he came to us for treatment.
When he was examined there were vesicles all over his chest which appeared somewhat bluish and he could not bear the slightest touch of anything there. He was really in agony with the pain and burning.
Considering his presenting complaints he was given a homeopathic medicine 'Ranunculus Bulbosus' .

Follow Up

He was given the medicine and asked to report back in two days

Second Day

Within two days there were no new eruptions and his burning and pain was better by 60%. He slept well which he could not for the previous few days. He had discontinued his 'acyclovir' .

Fifth Day

He reported feeling much better and his eruptions had healed considerably.

After that he just informed on the telephone about his recovery and well being.

*The homeopathic remedy has been prescribed after a detailed case-study and should not be taken without consulting a homeopathic physician.

Wellness Aspects