Case Summary

A 20 year old male consulted us for his acne which he had since the past 5-6 months. Every time after he shaved, the acne would increase in number on his face. They were mostly localised on the forehead and temples and never occurred on the cheeks. He was conscious about his skin because he felt that he didn't look good enough in comparison with others; also his friends passed comments about the same. As his appearance and image were of prime importance to him, he would go to the gymnasium regularly so that he did not put on weight like his other family members.

After a detailed interview, he was prescribed the homoeopathic remedy, Silica.


One Month

No new acne appeared since the beginning of treatment and the old ones greatly reduced in number.

Three Months

His face cleared even further and there were no new ones coming up too.

Six Months

As his skin was completely clear now, he was advised to stop medication.


*The homeopathic remedy has been prescribed after a detailed case-study and should not be taken without consulting a homeopathic physician.


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